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Who's Calling Me?

Calls from 615-726-7829 are coming from Robinson Reagan & Young

Calls from 615-726-7829 are coming from Robinson Reagan & Young

If you're receiving calls from 615-726-7829, you're not alone. Read what others have to say about Robinson Reagan & Young calls, and then share your story. We rely on those across the U.S. – people just like you – to report their experiences with callers like Robinson Reagan & Young. That’s how we’re able to pinpoint illegal callers and bring them to justice.

About the caller:

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Its exchange 726 is managed by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC - TN -
  • The number is currently on switch number NSVLTNMTDS3 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists)

What People are Saying...

Discover what others have reported about this number:


These harassers call relentlessly and never leave a message. They are beyond annoying!!!!


BEWARE! These are bottom feeders registered by the name of Robinson, Reagan and Young. Just because they are registered as a "law firm" wannabe is not enough for you to be intimidated. I received a call about an alleged debt of services rendered to my minor son back in 2012. My son was on Tenncare, and i know for a fact it is a Tenncare law to NEVER bill a pt if there was a balance they didn't cover. So these scumbags were trying to defraud me of $640.00 they made out of thin air. I called Tenncare and they confirmed the bill had been covered. I called the hospital and they received the Tenncare payment, they confirmed no balance was due, pending our outstanding. They also advised they never sent a balance to collections otherwise they would have a record of it. Not sure how these mofos got my minor son's info however they can expect a hefty fine from the State of TN, since i reported them. DO NOT EVER LET THIS TRASH DEFRAUD YOU! You can send them a cease and desist letter, make sure to keep copies. If they keep harassing request that they produce original documents bearing your original signature agreeing to such charges (THEY DO NOT HAVE THIS, BECAUSE THEY ARE SCAMMERS, HENCE THEY DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THIS INFO). This should effectively stop them, the moment they see you are proceeding according to your consumer rights they will bail on your case and move on to the next "sucker". You can dispute any wrongful reports they may have filed with the credit bureaus by submitting your letters and advising they never replied. I have gone to court, yes some of these idiots think they can sue you and extort you by filing in the local civil courts. But they didn't count on me knowing my rights, ANY JUDGE will agree if you request that these scammers produce a list of documents, the longer and the harder to obtain the better. The burden of proof is on them so let them try to locate EVERY SINGLE ONE of these ORIGINAL papers. The judge also needs for them to prove beyond doubt that you owe such money and that they have the paperwork to substantiate it. 95% of the time they WILL BAIL AT THIS POINT and the judge will dismiss it. MAKE SURE YOU GET A COPY OF THE DISMISSAL because the scammer will fwd this to the next scammer in line and they may try to start collection procedures again. But all you need to do is send them the dismissal signed by the judge and they can suck it! That should stop them right there. Been there, done that and i am no lawyer. ALWAYS FIGHT BACK!!! They are counting on people getting scared with heir cheap tactics. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN OPTION, there are too many low lives out there. ALSO NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE MAKE EVEN A SMALL $5.00 PAYMENT ON ANY ALLEGED DEBT THESE COLLECTORS TRY TO GET FROM YOU! They want you to at least pay a small payment and set up a payment plan, because the moment your small payment posts the debt's life gets renewed. EVERY DEBT HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE, NO COLLECTOR CAN LEGALLY TRY TO BILL YOU AFTER SAID EXPIRATION DEBT. This is why they keep trying to at least get you to pay something, the smallest amount is enough to "reset the timer" and on the other hand it is as if you are agreeing that you owe this debt when you don't even know if they are scamming you. Debts usually expire 4 to 7 years after the original date of service. This is why scammers try to collect before the debt expires, they know it is their best shot at trying to extort you. ALWAYS CALL THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR!!! If you do owe money to them then set up a payment plan with them. IF THESE SCAMMERS GIVE YOU THE "ORIGINAL CREDITOR'S PHONE #", DON'T CALL THAT NUMBER!!! IT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR, IT IS ANOTHER SCAMMER IN THE LONG LINE OF SCAM COLLECTORS. SO, with that said, always look up the phone number up. So, i post this advise on the internet whenever i come across these scammers so the next person they try to scam gets to know that you can effectively fight these jerks just by making use of your consumer rights. PASS THIS INFO ON UNTIL THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!! Ironically they can't even pay their phone bill! This should give you an idea of how legitimate they


I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Heck I barely answer when it's someone from my family calling! I checked the number on the internet and I'm pretty sure that it's a collection agency called Robinson Reagan & Young. Are they calling anyone else?


Idk they wouldnt even discuss with me keep recordings and switching me different people then also hung up on me 2

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Your Rights

If you're subjected to harassing robocalls or debt collection calls, you have rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Each of these federal consumer protection laws prohibits callers and debt collectors from engaging in certain types of activities. These activities can include:

  • Calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Robocalling your cell phone without your consent
  • Calling you at work after you've told them you're not allowed to receive calls
  • Using profanity or abusive language
  • Threatening you with a lawsuit or arrest
  • Mistakenly calling you for a debt you don't owe
  • Texting your cell phone without permission
  • Sending you faxes without authorization

Under the law, you have the right to sue illegal callers in federal court. In fact, you can potentially recover up to $1,500 per call. Legal representation won’t cost you a penny, because the law says that illegal callers have to pay your attorney fees.

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