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15, Nov. 2018

Sent me a text just saying "Hello". Did not respond as I didn't recognize the number. Now I read they are scammers. Don't reply to texts from them

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6, Nov. 2018

I hate to get disturbed when eating as I love to take time over my meals with an article in hand. I had to stop at least 5 times just to answer the representative's calls. This is not tje best time for a cell call to come. I just do not want to waste the food. What a waste of money.

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23, Sep. 2017

8PM on Friday night just after Christmas.

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13, Mar. 2016


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16, Sep. 2014

This number belongs to a guy named Jack who is creepy and disturbing and will not leave you alone.

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27, Mar. 2014

This is the second call I have received on my cell phone. It was a recording and I hung up.

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21, Oct. 2013

They call allday 3-5 times I keep asking them to stop calling but they call more.

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16, Sep. 2013

I was selling my car on Craigslist this guy named Joseph contacted me and said he wanted to purchase it. He said he was going to send me a check for $6,500 and I was only selling the car for $3,500 he said I had to send the extra cash to a private shipper at first I said ok but then something kept telling me this is a scam so I backed out and I am glad I did after seeing these other comment.

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28, Apr. 2013

They call during the day and sometimes at night. The message is a beep and it hangs up.

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20, Mar. 2013

Have reported them many times in the past year.

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1, Mar. 2013

We are private about our information. Our phone number is also unlisted per our request with the phone company. We do not give our number out to companies.

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25, Nov. 2012

These people do not stop calling and they call three to four times day. They are also calling our cell phones!

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21, Oct. 2012

I have received 3 calls today from this number and no one responds when I answer. When I call back it either rings busy or says to enter a 4 digit extension or 0 for the directory - when I press 0 it says there is no directory available. When I put in a 4 digit number, it says I have timed out and hangs up on me

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10, Aug. 2012

These people state they can tell your computer has a virus from a remote location and when asked to be removed, you get profanity thrown at you.