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28, Sep. 2018

This company calls from various similar numbers, and I have repeatedly asked to be removed from their calling list to no avail.

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15, Dec. 2017

Medical Alert System is already been paid for and just want to get info to ship it out.

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1, Nov. 2017

They hang up immediately and simply call again.

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30, Dec. 2016

They do not leave a voice mail.

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27, Sep. 2016

It started as soon as my new phone was activated November 28, 2013.

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1, Oct. 2015

We have no accounts with them, they don't stop ever!

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22, Feb. 2012

Have received many calls over the past weeks as late as 1am. when an these callls get nothing but a beeping sound. try to return the calls and get a busy signbal. very fed uyp with this,,..

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22, Feb. 2012

Keep receiving calls from this number and when answ get nothing but a beeping sound. Get numerous calls per day and have rcvd them as late as 1am. Am about ready to have my phone removed..........