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8, Oct. 2018

We have been on the do not call list forever and these people keep calling

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26, Jul. 2018

Many People don't know about their rights in relation to debt collectors. Consumers can convince collectors to cease telephoning. Debt collection agencies msut stop phoning if you inform them that they must stop. A consumer may mail a letter or tell them over the telephone to stop phoning. If the bill collection agency calls again, you can call Lemberg Law. Everyone must exercise his or her rights.

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6, Jun. 2017

Received a call from this strange number . I looked it up and it looks like its the bill collectors called Physicians Credit Bureau. No idea why they're calling. Can someone confirm that it's really them?

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2, Mar. 2016

Call about "free" medical alert system

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16, Jun. 2014

They call our office several times a day. They will not leave a message.

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18, Mar. 2012

This woman tried to bill me for knocking over a utility pole. I was never involved in an accident that severed a pole.