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5, Jun. 2018

I received my fourth and fifth calls from SSI today.

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25, Jan. 2016

Will not take NO fir an answer!

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9, Dec. 2015

who threatened to call everyday when asked by us to please remove from their caller list.

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11, May. 2015

We personally have reported this company and number to DNC multiple times.

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16, Apr. 2015

Never a message left.

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13, Aug. 2014

this robo call did not give a company name. they only said they were calling on behalf of a government grant to lower credit card debt.

George Palaganas
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9, Mar. 2014

*************************************** 09-March-2014 Hi Glenn! I just want to know your emergency. You had left a voice message on my 206-337-0648 number on Saturday, March 8, 2014 4:32 AM from your 614-375-1580 number. Please respond by fax or e-mail. My fax number is 206-339-9327 while my e-addie is Truly, George Palaganas My other contact numbers: Phone: 253-243-3183 253-397-1803 Fax: 253-397-2133 253-243-2555 Phone: (206)339-2624 206-279-5399 Phone: (425)606-3999 Fax: (425)998-0914 Charles City,IA (641) 715-3390 Extension: 600153 Charles City,IA (641) 715-3390 Extension: 888759 Charles City,IA (641) 715-3800 AccessCode 42457 ext: 1 Charles City,IA (641) 715-3800 AccessCODE 89064 ext. 1 Findlay,Ohio (567) 248-5864 Other e-mail addies: On Sunday, March 9, 2014 11:15 AM, FaxZero. com <> wrote: Dear George Palaganas, Your fax to Glenn of 614-375-1580 at 6143751580 has failed because the call received an invalid response, and was likely answered by a human. Thank you, P.S. Check out -- Internet Fax Price Comparison. Compare 100 Internet faxing services based on your usage level, at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read TERRIBLE NERD -- a new book by the creator of FaxZero. It's a memoir. It's a love story about computers. It's kinda geeky. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (id#11517888)

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28, Sep. 2013

This number has called us every day for the last three weeks. Each time we answer no one is on the other end to answer the call. Sounds like a computer generated call. Would appreciate an investigation. We would like them not to call again. Thank you.

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7, Mar. 2013

They ask me if I need cash...I don't know what their product is.

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25, Oct. 2012

These people have been calling me for over a month on my cell phone. They have my number under a --- and wanted to know if I knew her? I told them to stop calling me.

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25, Aug. 2012

They Call DAILY! and ALWAYS no one answers !!!