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2, Aug. 2018

Due to the untimely telephone call, all ou plans were misfired. All of us are late to catch the train. I have been hearing of these annoying telephone calls from others in the office. I am going to get the support from my neighbors to overcome this circumstances. Well this is one such initiative although noody is eager to solve this.

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18, Apr. 2018

Her name is Janielle Cunningham collection agency. She calls all day evetyday!!!!

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16, Feb. 2018

I said are you from Clumbea Gas.

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14, Feb. 2018

I'm on do not call list. Tired of this caller calling daily multiple times a day. Complaints on other sites don't know who caller is or that they want either. I did find this number is only issued to one address.

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6, Jun. 2017

I think it's Everest University Online calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never pick up.

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20, Sep. 2016

I am thoroughly annoyed with this company and their tactics.

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11, Aug. 2016

Calls multiple times a day and we are on the do not call list

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26, Jul. 2016

This company has left a message that says they are a debt collector although I have no outstanding debts.

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6, Jul. 2016

Someone called asking about cancer donations!

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2, Jul. 2016

An alternative number from this company is (781)925-4606

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22, Jun. 2016

When I answered, lady said she was calling from Florida Getaways, could I hear her? Just hang up. :)

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9, Jun. 2016

I never pick up the phone, but it is totally unsolicited.

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13, Apr. 2016

Please stop these solicitations!

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9, Mar. 2016

This was a cold call, pre-recorded message to garner support and votes for the County Council.

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4, Mar. 2015

They just call and hang up - No conversation.

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24, Jan. 2015

Consumer states that she is receiving calls from unknown caller that abandon the calls when she answers.

Nancy W
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8, Aug. 2014

Calls all hours, leaves no messages. When I tried to call back only got a busy signal.

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8, Jan. 2014

These idiots have called me 3 times in the last 3 hours.

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8, Mar. 2013

You can't tell a recorded message to stop calling you. This number calls us every day at all hours and we have reported it repeatedly.

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12, Mar. 2012

I've received a couple of calls from this area in the last month or so. I do not know who this is.