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12, Apr. 2019

They had a very thick indian accent and claimed that they were US government and I was selected to receive a $9000 grant for paying my bills and taxes on time.

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5, Mar. 2019

repetitive disruptive calls all day long.

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2, Mar. 2019

Apparently this is either a scam or seeking personal info.

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1, Mar. 2019

some processing center

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2, Nov. 2018

Pretty sure it's some legit telemarketing, Care care.

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16, Oct. 2018

I have been getting calls from this number at least once a day for the past couple of months. Most of the time I get no response, only silence. Occasionally I get a "spill" about some type of product they are selling. Today, Saturday, August 1, 2015, this number has called me six (6) times. I've told them repeatedly to take my off the call list. but thus far it hasn't stopped the calls. PLEASE HELP - I consider this an invasion of my privacy.

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27, Sep. 2018

this number is reported to be a Gallup poll - but they no right to use up my cell plan minutes without permission.

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20, Jul. 2018

Also received a voicemail stating that I was under investigation and that I needed to call before they removed me from my home and arrested me and my property was tied up in this investigation. Which I dont have any. I am fed up with these scammers. Thank goodness that my phone company puts all of my voicemails in writing for me.

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20, Jul. 2018

Recorded message saying, "I am _____ from the Senior Auditory Center- can you hear me clearly?" I hung up, as the BBB advises that scammers get you to say "yes", then use your recorded voice to "okay" purchases - which of course you didn't order. Senior Auditory Center is a commonly used company name across the company, using different numbers, doing this. Per the BBB, just hang up!!!

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15, Jul. 2018

Same as above. SCAM

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3, Jul. 2018

It’s scam. Called them back and nd told them to stop harassing me and the guy on the other end called me fuck face!

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24, May. 2018

What does the government do to stop these calls?

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10, Apr. 2018

They call amd say if I don't return the call I can be charged for don't complying with a federal court

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30, Jan. 2018

She said how would you like to make 5 figures a month? She called it Total Freedom. I pressed '9' to be removed from their auto-redialer or whatever

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29, Jan. 2018

When we pick it up no one is there.

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19, Dec. 2017

Wish these scammers would be stopped

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16, Nov. 2017

Was going to tell them to stop, but went to a fast busy.

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14, Sep. 2017

Seems like a Scam Number.

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12, May. 2017

This number has called our business 2 x/ day for past 2+ weeks with no response when we answer the phone.

Ronin Monk
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8, May. 2017

Leave no message- when you call it back it states "Press 9 to be put on Do Not Call list" then hangs up.

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27, Apr. 2017

This was a company offering a low interest loan to pay off my credit card balances.

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17, Oct. 2016

2 calls at 2:28 pm and 2:39 pm on 10/17/16

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23, Apr. 2016

I have been registered since August/September and I still receive solicitation calls.