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Beware of this is a scamAir this is
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3, Jan. 2018

Where this is scam

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27, Nov. 2017

I got the same call October 2017– scam!

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6, Nov. 2017

robocall selling some kind of vacation

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15, Apr. 2017

I missed the call, I have no clue who this is, so I looked up this number here, thanks for posting your comments in here, although I don't get who they really are exactly...

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2, Mar. 2016

When I ask to speak to a supervisor they disconnect the call.

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27, Aug. 2015

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23, Jul. 2015

Very rude. They called a place of business demanding to speak with employees. Would not give name of company. Doesn't sound legit to me.

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22, Apr. 2015

Left recorded message saying that fraudulent activity is associated with my name and social security number and I will be receiving a summons to court to face charges and I need to call them immediately and they give a case number. When I called the number it rang and rang and then a recording came on to say the mailbox was full. info I found is not helpful is located in Columbus, Ohio.

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27, Mar. 2015

Caller stated that I had an error message on my computer and that they could fix it if I gave them some personal information

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13, Nov. 2014

Trying to sell a product that we cannot use at our address.

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19, May. 2012

Were told once that this number was on the Do Not Call registry and to never call again. Now call from a different number every day. Never pick up but google the number and always leads back to this group.