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29, Aug. 2018

On Friday I was expecting to get a telephone call from the furniture company when the iphone started ringing for the 3rd occasion during tyhat afternoon. This was a rare collector’s item and to my astonishment the phone call was from the stranger who had been telephoning me from previous Thursday and always the talk was one sided. I hastily took a decision to disconnect the my new phone. I forgot about it until my superior reminded me a few moments ago. I feel annoyed with no one else but with myself for losing an important item for my collection.

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3, Aug. 2018

I know this is a scam and I want the calls to stop.

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27, Apr. 2018

Reporter stated he has not provided any of his personal info.

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4, Apr. 2016

They leave voicemails to return call for a recent loan app.

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8, May. 2015

Touch 1 to learn more about the grocery certificate and the free bracelet.

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10, Nov. 2014

Recorded message AND I am on the DNC list. It gave the option to opt out, but never confirmed that I was opted out, call just hung up.

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14, Jan. 2013

They call once a week from various numbers. This number seems to be the most common.