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16, Mar. 2018

caller id showed call came from Las Vegas,NV.

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5, Dec. 2017

Received a call at 1:12pm EST that some company could help me with my back IRS taxes.

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24, Mar. 2017

Same as the rest. No message. Did not call back as did not want to alert anyone that they have live cell, just in case it's telemarketer.

Stop Bothering Me I'm Busy
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23, Mar. 2017

Offered to compare health insurance plans, got rude when I refused to divulge who I am insured with, hung up when I suggested they talk to the business owner. The sooner we go to single-payer national health care coverage the sooner these jerks stop calling.

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27, May. 2016

UPDATE 02/10/2016: Consumer called to report another phone call, said they were with US Treasury Department.

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11, Feb. 2014

We keep getting call from this company every few weeks, even though we press 3, as their recorded message says to do if we do not want to receive any more calls from them. But we keep getting their calls. When they called today I pressed 1 and asked the person calling for their company phone number. When I asked the man for his name, he disconnected the call. This company calls about every two weeks and we are tired of it!

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27, Jan. 2014

called said recording said i registered for free award entry through an online partner not true i said not ok to record ( several times) and requested i be put on their no call list am already registered with federal no call list

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2, Jul. 2013

this was a text message telling me they were expecting my call.

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18, May. 2013

This was an unsolicited text.

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2, Apr. 2013

This was a recorded message asking me to stay on the line for more information.

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11, Nov. 2012

They are calling numerous times a day now, and not saying anything when we answer.