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20, Sep. 2018

The number shows up as being located in Florida, but the person that was on the other end had a very heavy accent.

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18, Dec. 2017

They claim to help lower the interest rate on my credit card, but if you try to tell them to stop calling, they hang up.

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7, Aug. 2015

Called my cell - the number is not in my contact list so it is for a solicitation for something obviously.

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7, Jul. 2015

Receive 2 to 3 calls a day from this number. No name appears with call.

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6, May. 2015

This number calls repeatedly, at all days and all times.

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12, Feb. 2015

called me asking for my son who doesn't live here, wont tell me, why they want to talk to him. I won't give them any information on him. called three times in the last two days

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20, Jun. 2013

they call all times of the day and when u answer they won't talk but have been informed verbally not to call.

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7, Jan. 2013

They call and call and call and call.

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28, Aug. 2012

They are calling quite frequently.

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20, Aug. 2012

They call 4-5 times per day. I ask them to quit calling and take me off their list. They hang up on me and call back a few hours later.