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8, Apr. 2018

Switching office for ATT. Somehow it's been hacked and calls are record. They are getting AT&T customers account numbers, cell, last 4 digit social security numbers and security codes for AT&T accounts. So that can change, make orders (cell LAN etc). Happen 4 days now. Apparently the changes are coming from New York!

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4, Sep. 2017

The person that spoke to me was speaking such terrible English that I only understood the word pharmacy.

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14, Mar. 2016

Holy and Divine Auto Body & Paint Repair 841 E Hudson St, Columbus, OH, 43211 (614) 219-3017

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12, Nov. 2014

They have called here numerous times in the last 3 days.

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18, Apr. 2014

WE have been on the do not list for 3 years. We have answered this call in the last few days, they ask for someone by name that we cannot understand. We do not want these calls.

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1, Apr. 2013

this company called with at least 4 different numbers. the man i spoke to this morning mocked me when i told him i was on the do not call list saying that if that was true than why was he able to call? I have never done business with this company. they have called every 2 weeks for months and i would just like them to stop. it's becoming ridiculous.