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  • Regional statistics: Columbus, Ohio has a population of 736836 that is in a county of 438778 units. The city is in a county that is 540 square miles. 614-208 is available through the regional telephone switch # HLRDOHEJG01 in the Columbus area.
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19, May. 2018

They call 4 or 5 times a day.

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2, Feb. 2017

he has been on the do not call registry for many years but still receives several calls a day

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30, Jun. 2013

prank call

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2, Jun. 2013

Recieved a text at 1:26 AM saying the same thing.

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20, Feb. 2013

Sent a text saying "it's lisa make an account here :)" I don't understand how they got my number but it is annoying.

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19, Feb. 2013

Got a text message from this number asking to hookup and sign up for online dating. Happily married caused a lot of issues. Don't appreciate that behavior. Call the number and its shut off. Called the number today and its been disconnected.

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18, Feb. 2013

These annoying recorded calls come in several times a day from different numbers.

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17, Feb. 2013

They have the wrong people but we cant get them to stop.

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31, Jan. 2013

They actually called me three times. I told them I had filed numerous complaints against them and that they should stop calling. That was just one of the phone numbers they called from. Many are very odd numbers. I keep asking them not to call. Maybe its a language barrier. It's very annoying no matter what.

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14, Dec. 2012

Our number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since the Registry started.

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25, Nov. 2012

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.

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17, Nov. 2012

I have had several of these calls and I'm not aware of being delinquent on any bills. I tried calling 866-608-7665 but it sounds like a fax number.

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26, Jun. 2012

They call several times a day. I am usually not able to answer to tell them not to call. I have received 21 calls.

cory horace
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11, Apr. 2012