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  • Regional statistics: Columbus, Ohio has a population of 736836 that is in a county of 438778 units. The city is in a county that is 540 square miles. 614-203 is available through the regional telephone switch # CLMBOHIQAMD in the Columbus area.
Ts Rachel
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17, Jan. 2019

This thug with long dreads you have to watch out for!!! He hires transgender escorts in the Columbus Downtown area from 6142038882 number. He will come to you and after the session he will put out a knife and rob you!!! His snapchat is keskin. Watch out for this tranny chaser thief

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7, Nov. 2016

The call was a robo call about a credit card no one in this house has credit cards.

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16, Mar. 2015

SCAM, do not provide personal info. They will hang up on you if you ask for their name.

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18, Feb. 2015

I received a call from 614-203-0000. They asked me if I knew a certain person and I asked them who this was and they hung up on me. My concern is it sounded like a debit collector and the problem is that I have been divorced from this person for 23 years. We have had no connection since and we were really young at the time. (out of high school) No children, home, cars or anything financially attached. Seemed very strange. When I call the number back they state it is not a working number.