Area Code 613

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Area code: 613
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
14, Nov. 2018

This umber has ben coming up on our caller ID several times per day. Is that really complicated them to leave a message ?

13, Nov. 2018

Call from #1-613-417-3593 said an arrest warrant had been issued against me & to call back. Sounded like a recorded message.

8, Nov. 2018

Just got this call on my cell phone. Left a recorded message about having to call back this number and if not, I will be arrested. !!!

5, Nov. 2018

Why cant the RCMP swoop down on these phone numbers (when reported) And why do the phone company's allow them usage of their phones..... cant fix stupid!

5, Nov. 2018

Just got a call 613-246-0499, left a voicemail telling me I was going to be arrested lol....don’t answer it’s a scam

30, Oct. 2018

Some guy with a very heavy Indian accent purportedly from CRA telling me that a tax fraud claim has been filed against me. Tells me to call right away....have a nice day. Only a complete idiot would think anyone from CRA would call and sat "have a nice day".😁

28, Oct. 2018

I receive calls from this number on my home and cell. Lag when I say hello, then I hang up.

23, Oct. 2018

This voice message said it is from CRA. 613 714-5277

19, Oct. 2018

Just got 2 missed calls from this number, women left me a French message

19, Oct. 2018

It is a bogus CRA call. Record the number and file a complaint. Don’t call them back. Don’t answer. It’s a scam.

19, Oct. 2018

Called me, asked for my information, I asked them their business address. Man couldn’t answer.

15, Oct. 2018

IRS Revenu Canada SCAM caller

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