Area Code 612

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Area code: 612
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
16, Feb. 2019

Same as the other stories here. Ask for old fence to be torn down in new fence to be installed. Asked if we take credit cards. Home located in Orange Park.

15, Feb. 2019

caller ID said medical supply Caller said they are calling from money management company

15, Feb. 2019

Credit Card Scam

14, Feb. 2019

Says it's from princeton. Calls several times in the day, leaving 5 second blank messages. Phone won't even ring when trying to call back. I won't answer any unknown number if they don't leave a message. Blocked them

13, Feb. 2019

Trying to get the last 4 digits of your SS or your Medicare #. A very thick accented foreigner whose name was George. Really because someone that has the same type of accent called me this AM and his name was Ben! They say they know you have lower back trouble and bad knees and they can send you something for that and its free from Medicare. He asks you to get your Medicare card and then asks you for the last 4 digits of your SS to confirm your #. Well guess what buddy our Medicare cards no longer have our Social Security # on it!... I told him it was a scam and that was the second time they had called me today. No No we are in North Carolina! Oh really then why do you have a Minneapolis MN area code? 612-295-0493 or 0467

2, Feb. 2019

Reply i've had this guy calling me for years! 💗hehe! everything sounds about right! he definetly puts in his WeRK at roughly 70 hours + hours a week Pumping on that Prdophile dick of his! Haha! Oh yea..! Eat Your Own Cum You FkN PERVERTED PEDOPHiLE cum PiG! now swallow POS!

31, Jan. 2019

It is the number through which contact about purchasing a miniature schnauzer at They give no name as to the owner of the breeding business. They said they are located in Browning, TX. When I asked for more information about them, they told me to read through the website. This is definitely a scam. Breeders have websites that provide information about themselves, the dames and sires, and more. This site does not.

Mary C.
31, Jan. 2019

Asked for my spouse by name said he was not present, they said ok and hung up.

29, Jan. 2019

Called and no one responded. Keeps calling my cell multiple times per day.

24, Jan. 2019

Silent caller, blocked.

23, Jan. 2019

Hang up call

Best Buy Customer
16, Jan. 2019

I received a phone call from this number immediately after I placed an online order at Best Buy. The person calling was male with a strong foreign accent. He said he was calling to confirm my Best Buy order and asked for name, address, email address, phone number, and additional information. I thereafter contacted by Best Buy chat, and I maintained that chat. I was told that the call was not a legitimate Best Buy inquiry. I was told that I should change my Best Buy account log on password, and I should closely monitor my credit cards and banking. Best Buy could not tell me how this individual obtained my personal information or Best Buy order information. Best Buy gave me a case number for the issue. Such a breach is unacceptable. Beware.

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