Area Code 610

Additional information:

Area code: 610
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
24, May. 2019

Attempting to sell a wireless home security system.

24, May. 2019

Then it realized I knew it was a computer and said it was a prank phone call and hung up.

24, May. 2019

It claimed to be from Verizon Tech but we doubt it because we have had no trouble on our land line.

22, May. 2019

My name is not Barbara.

21, May. 2019

Company is soliciting services related to tax matters.

21, May. 2019

I have asking the people to stop calling but they still do.

18, May. 2019

a person answered the line & in response to my question provided their name "Credit Card Services." When I asked where they were located, the person hung up."

18, May. 2019

The caller has called repeatedly the caller verbally gave their company location as Atlanta GA (which is bogus per the info that seems to be available) the caller hung up as soon as information about them was requested this is an abuse of our communications system and clearly should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law the perpetrators should be held accountable and punished

16, May. 2019

THis company calls repeatedly!

14, May. 2019

They have called me numerous times but the worst was this morning when they called me 3 times within the hour.

14, May. 2019

I do know/ and do not have any business with anyone in the state of Maine .)

11, May. 2019

My social will be suspended

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