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24, Nov. 2018

Why are these fools still on the planet?

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21, Jun. 2018

When I try to answer, they insist on speaking with my wife and refuse to speak with me, and immediately hang up.

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29, Jan. 2018

Each time I have asked them to remove my number from their list & that I am not interested nor cannot afford any of their products or services.

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4, Sep. 2017

The initial call was a recording, stating that I need a criminal attorney as I committed fraud and that law enforcement is aware and will be at my door in 72 hours. I called back and got "John Williams" who stated he worked in the "department of legal frauds" with the "US departmet of treasury" I advised that I have reported him and to stop calling.

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30, May. 2015

I let it go to voicemail bu no mesg. was left. Called at 10:03 am on a Sat.

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13, Jan. 2015

Robo call about lower interest rates on credit cards. This is the second call today from them.