Area Code 605

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Area code: 605
State: South Dakota
Country: USA
21, Feb. 2020

does not stop even if told to not call back.

21, Feb. 2020

The times of he calls were 11:35 am, 12:37 pm 12:38 pm and 2:28 pm.

19, Feb. 2020

I have not & I have asked them to NOT CALL ME AGAIN, this is the 2nd call of this type that I personally spoke with.

14, Feb. 2020

Subject matter of the call: credit card processing

14, Feb. 2020

They ask for me and I ask who is calling and they say Dept of immigration.

13, Feb. 2020

11, Feb. 2020

I want to pursue this and press charges for harassment and fraud.

Jucey Bananas
11, Feb. 2020

Said I will be dead if I dont vote for Creepy Joe Biden at least 4 times in the November election. Wants me to hang out with Adam Shiff in a speedo while Nancey Pelosi dances around a maypole scantilly clad in skimpy undergarments. Help Me!

7, Feb. 2020

I'm concerned that they are leaving my detailed information on random voice mails, and they are calling too early in the morning.

7, Feb. 2020

2-3 times daily for about six months now.

5, Feb. 2020

she hurriedly said, "I don't believe in the Do Not Call List, Goodbye." and disconnected. - Subject matter of the call: Warranties & protection plans"

3, Feb. 2020

He has not called me back.

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