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  • Regional statistics: De Smet, South Dakota has a population of 5815 that is in a county of 2406 units. The city is in a county that is 838 square miles. 605-854 is available through the regional telephone switch # DESMSDCORS1 in the De Smet area.
  • Other cities located around De Smet: Miller (605-853) Holabird (605-852) Ralph (605-855) Mission (605-856)
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29, Mar. 2019

wanted to sell me something, but could not seem to clear up what it is. Hung up when I reminded him about the no-call-list

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26, Jan. 2018

Robo Dialer I believe they never leave a message

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28, Sep. 2017

It is a recording so I am not able to tell them not to call this number.

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4, Aug. 2016

and said I was on the Do Not Call Registry.

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16, May. 2016

Evidently, when answered caller does not respond.