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31, Jan. 2018

I have been receiving these calls from various different phone numbers.

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27, Jan. 2017

They called at 6:34 and 7:45pm on Nov.

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12, Dec. 2016

This was a recorded message about a "prepaid -debit card", which I DO NOT have. The instructions also said to call 877-314-0991

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10, Dec. 2016

Call made at 9:28 pm.

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19, Oct. 2016

I don't care who it is or what they want this is harassment and I want it stopped.

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9, Jul. 2016

They call every night at 8:45 pm.

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21, Mar. 2016

I stated we are on the No Call List and they hung up.

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1, Jan. 2013

These people have been calling me for over a month on my cell phone. They have my number under a --- and wanted to know if I knew her? I told them to stop calling me.

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3, Feb. 2012

He keepwe telling me to shut up and suck his dick.