Area Code 603

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Area code: 603
State: New Hampshire
Country: USA
12, Feb. 2019

They text me say to stop texting them it happens one more time I’m calling my the authorities in NH. Not smart number is traceable

11, Feb. 2019

Called from this number, I stupidly answered thinking it someone I knew but alas another telemarketer. I hung up on them as soon as I understood who they were.

11, Feb. 2019

They said it's a donation for national police department but they wont gave me an option for online donation just over the phone or mail. $35, $50 or $100 SCAM ALERT I already checked with local police it's a fraudulent violation

6, Feb. 2019

Repeated calls , often late at night!!

1, Feb. 2019

Camping & RV raffle leads to these calls saying you won "gifts" (they get in trouble for saying "prizes"). Because they are selling timeshares for Inn Resorts in Maine & Cape Cod. According to my research, the telemarketer gets $ if you take the appointment to attend the hard sell presentation. If you show up, they get more $. "Gifts" are probably hotel or airfare vouchers if you make it through the aggressive 2 hr timeshare sales pitch..

31, Jan. 2019

Someone from this number (603-965-7778) called a business line and asked for the owner by name. Informed that called that he was not available and asked if there was something I could help him with. He said he would try back another time and declined to leave a message.

28, Jan. 2019

Claims she is from Juniper and says my boss (in IT) knows what this is regarding but she is rude and is a liar

28, Jan. 2019

Dont want to be scammed? Dont answer

24, Jan. 2019

Scammers use phony numbers or stolen numbers. They won't go through a registry. The DNC is for telemarketing - outbound sales and soliciting. Everything else are scams.

23, Jan. 2019

This number called me and it was silent as well so I started acting like I was fucking and moaning and dirty talking and they hung up.

Jonathan Joy-Pagliarulo
20, Jan. 2019

Caller: Service Credit Union Imposter Call type: Scam Only trust the number if you call it. Don't trust if it calls you.... That is a scam. they're using calleridfaker, a free app on the app store, to make it look like they are calling from the bank. Received 8 phone calls from this number, some of them at normal times others at abnormal times like 12:46 a.m. holiday in December of 2018. I do have an account with them but another one of the cause was at 10:46 a.m. on New year's Eve, which they were open but is an odd time. They would call one day and then wait a week and call again and then call three days later and then call three days in a's obvious that the person is hoping that you checked out the number and answer it the next time it calls you, after having checked it out and feeling comfortable you'll give them all your information.

12, Jan. 2019

Scam. Timeshare sales scam

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