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  • Regional statistics: Phoenix, Arizona has a population of 1428509 that is in a county of 1132886 units. The city is in a county that is 9204 square miles. 602-881 is available through the regional telephone switch # GLBRAZABCM0 in the Phoenix area.
  • Other cities located around Phoenix: Jackson (602-857) Scottsdale (602-850) Glendale (602-930)
Transgender escort
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21, Aug. 2018

His name is Scott, white guy in his 50’s he payed me $200 in exchange of sexual favors in the Baltimore Downtown area on his business trip August 21st his hotel on light st. He was aware that im a transgender escort with penis. He was somewhat submissive.he called me from 6028815617

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16, Jun. 2016

Caller said my computer was not receiving updates from Microsoft.

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3, Aug. 2013

When I attempt to call the number to tell them to stop calling I only get a busy signal. Please stop these harassing calls.

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17, Apr. 2013

this is a phone number registered in the DNC.

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28, Jul. 2012

The call I received was about lowering my credit card interest rate.