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16, Sep. 2018

When I answer the phone there isn't anyone there, you just here a recording saying 'goodbye'

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13, Dec. 2017

I have never received a call before.

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28, Oct. 2013

This number calls 2 x a night, its always a recording.

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23, May. 2013

When I asked questions they became rude and then hang up. I believe the call is a scam.

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3, Apr. 2013

They act like they're affiliated with google.

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14, Mar. 2013

A lowlife no doubt that has no job and nothing better to do but harass others with a spam message.

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19, Feb. 2013

This place keeps calling our home phone number.

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18, Feb. 2013

There was no company name mentioned.

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16, Feb. 2013

They call several times a day. Never a message. I tried calling them to see who it was and was told the number was not available in my area. We only answer callers who identify themselves or who we know. I fear a scam. I am ready to change my phone number. This caller is only identified as caller's name unknown. Help!

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14, Feb. 2013

They called again and again.

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14, Feb. 2013

They are a collector looking for Pablo. I got this cell phone recently and have asked them to stop calling this number. This is the 4th complaint submitted to the Do Not Call registry for this caller.

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14, Feb. 2013

They call my home number, my cell number, and my wife's cell number. All of these numbers are registered on the do not call list. Iit appears that this company is bogus and that the call ID phone number is faked. Is there any way that these calls can be stopped and "company" prosecuted?

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14, Nov. 2012

I have call this number back everytime they have called and requested that they do not call here again through the prompt of the recorded message.