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25, Nov. 2018

The collector insisted with me to pay up. The autodialer couldn't tell me what I owed. When I pressed the number to talk with a real person the debt collection voice replied that no one was available. I couldn't say what to do or if it's something I forgot to pay.

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5, Aug. 2018

This phone number always phones and leaves no voicemail. If I will not answer whoever they are phone again within a minute. Maddening.

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5, Jun. 2017

I don't answer when I see a number I don't recognize. Heck I rarely answer when it's a friend calling! I searched for this number online and I'm pretty certain that it's a collection agency called Portfolio Recovery Associates. Someone else getting these calls apart from me?

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6, Aug. 2016

I have spoken a couple times after going thru the whole sales pitch a real person and asked to be removed from the list

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4, Aug. 2016

Receiving number is registered - This is a business line for the NC Depart Of Social Services.

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31, Aug. 2015

Someone called about me having computer problems and something regarding Microsoft. They took me to this website called and to download something. I stopped when they said they wanted me to download it (it might be a threat to your computer). I said I wasn't interested and we ended the call there.

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30, Sep. 2014

Please ask them not to call me

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8, Apr. 2013

This recorded message we receive every day, most of the time 2 and 3 times a day. I simply hang up. This is nuisance and probably a scam! I do not wish to receive any calls from this number on either of my lines. I want off their list!!!!!! Thank You!

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30, Jun. 2012

THese crooks continue to call. Each time the robocall originates from another number, but the message is the same, and leads to a an actual person on the line. Upon my beginning to inform them that I want the calls to desist - I am hung up on by the person - without their taking my information to remove me from their call list. These folks need to be shut down because they are flagrantly violating terms of the donotcall registry and because they are preying on people with a dishonest and possibly unlawful service offer.

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4, May. 2012

I asked them never to call me again.