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27, Aug. 2018

Every time I tell them do not call me anymore.

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30, Jul. 2018

I have reported them SO MANY TIMES THAT I CAN NOT COUNT!

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27, Jul. 2018

The lady said she couldn't delete my number that it would have to be the person who is calling, and she had no idea who that person is.

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5, Apr. 2018

Consumer has received a call from individual from Mega Millions requesting money to receive winnings of 3.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes.

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19, Dec. 2017

This registry is a joke I constantly get calls on this line that "don't apply" to the do not call registry political, surveys, etc.

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3, Oct. 2017

I asked who it was and wouldn't tell me and then I told them they probably got the wrong number and

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20, Apr. 2015

She's an escort, and a damn good one. Kudos to Misty for providing a service many men's wives won't even try to provide, good sex.

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16, Apr. 2015

No matter how many times I ask them to stop calling, they continue.

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24, Aug. 2014

Called and offered medical equipment if I pressed a number on my phone. Called again and hung up.

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14, Apr. 2013

They call every day. I have told them to put me on their do not call list, told them to stop calling me...politely and not so politely.

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4, Aug. 2012

They call several times a day. Never a message. I tried calling them to see who it was and was told the number was not available in my area. We only answer callers who identify themselves or who we know. I fear a scam. I am ready to change my phone number. This caller is only identified as caller's name unknown. Help!

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23, Jul. 2012

drug dealer mike

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19, Mar. 2012

curious? A missed call