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29, Nov. 2012

Ekom came over, put the donation on the kitchen counter like always. I used the restroom and when i came out the money was gone. Before services i asked him for the donation and he said it was on the counter. I went to look and there was nothing there. When i turned around he was standing close with the money. Real long story short I caught him in my closet later trying to find the money. I tried kicking him out but he wouldn't go. He keeped forcing the door open. Finally i had the door shut enough to lock it. but he was still trying to break into my apartment. I've been seeing Ekom for 2 yrs now. In January he picked up the donation on his way out without me seeing him. He plays Pro football, defensive tackle Ekom Udofia Height: 6-2 Weight: 322 Born: Aug 3, 1987 - Scottsdale, Arizona

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22, Aug. 2012

These calls are coming in two or three times a day using different telephone numbers with recorded messages. They hang up immediately when you ask to be removed from the list.