Area Code 601

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Area code: 601
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

They continue to call my home phone. I own no apple devices. I am on a no call list. I have asked them to remove me from their calling list. They also call from a 1-800 number that also shows it being associated with Apple. How do I block these calls from coming to my home landline?

23, Jan. 2019

Some type of fundraiser for police. I told them I did not donate over the phone. I

14, Dec. 2018

They called saying this was atmos, asks dis we request thatbour serves be turn off. Who are these people?

14, Dec. 2018

Love scammer

Misty Perez
7, Dec. 2018

Received same tax fraud recording

6, Dec. 2018

Does anybody know anything about a phone call from someplace with the telephone number #. I do not know what they are calling about.

5, Dec. 2018

He had left a 6 voice messages too as well since there was no response from me. He replied that he had never given any telephone calls. I was astounded as there was no doubt that the voice was his. Then "Convergent Outsourcing" started becoming very crude and denied that it was not him. I thought of going to get this issue checked by the Police as I have a hunch that “@” is not being honesr. All this time I was under the impression he was honest but now it seems like I wikl have to be cautious dealing doing business with “@” as what he is doing is a big question. I also do not know the purpose of hhis text messages. I hope and pray that the telephone calls will never come again.

4, Dec. 2018

also got a call from this entity also .

3, Dec. 2018

This bill collection agency won't stop calling my tween son's mobile phone. My son doesn't know the woman they're trying to call. We insisted that they stop phoning, but they still call. What would you do?

29, Nov. 2018

How can I track who number this is?

27, Nov. 2018

They were offering gift cards for stores in my area (walmart, target, etc).

27, Nov. 2018

Recorded message recieved several times.

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