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10, Mar. 2013

When they call, by the time I get to phone they hung up, no message. They call in daytime & as late in the evening. When I try to call them back, it's an immediate busy signal. I am on the do not call list & want them to not call again please. Thanks for your assistance.

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10, Nov. 2012

These people state they can tell your computer has a virus from a remote location and when asked to be removed, you get profanity thrown at you.

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7, Nov. 2012

These morons call once a month. Never leave a message just shows on Caller ID. I don't return these calls.

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15, Oct. 2012

Thes calls are from a company. They ask for my name and when I ask them to put me on their "Do not call list" they reply, "No, we are going to keep calling..