Area Code 574

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Area code: 574
State: Indiana
Country: USA
12, Feb. 2019

She told me she wanted to talk to me about my car insurance. I said I don't have insurance because I don't have a car. She hung up on me before I could ask how she got my number. How did she get my cell phone number?

12, Feb. 2019

Phishing attempt 'View your receipt from Tpumps Inc:

Still Pissed
11, Feb. 2019

Automated voice machine stating “they are with (garble name you can never understand) police department she is officer so and so, and they have found fraudulent activity ‘on’ my social security number, please call....” turned it over to Do Mot Call List for what it’s worth

8, Feb. 2019

Since it comes out of the Plymouth, Indiana per your information below it is a neighbor spoof call using an app they got from them, NEVER pick it up. Report it to DO NOT CALL with a complaint. Let them investigate it. Its exchange 914 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC - The number is currently on switch number CNCNOHBVDS5 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists) You are the 1st person to search for it here. There has been a total of 1 comments left about the number.

5, Feb. 2019

I am assuming it is a scam of some sort but the above comment and the information of above of the carrier of this number tells me he is a phone hobbyist.

27, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

17, Jan. 2019

frequently calls - no message

16, Jan. 2019

Coming out of Omnipoint Technologies in South Bend, Indiana, a software company that merged with T-Mobile in 2000, sold software to scam people out of money with phone hobby's or scamming the public and they do. This number belongs to a scammer broker out of Fresno, California who is a flipper, broker that wants to pay you cash for your house and says your property is a short sell, in foreclosure, gotten in an estate, that's forceful, they are in each state RUN by Matt Buys Houses and is buying your data from places that you've trusted all these years, the county information, the GIS data. The Senate is working on this crime and I will be too every step of the way. I have privacy rights.and I intent to keep them.

16, Jan. 2019

SPOOFING COMES OUT OF OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS in South Bend, Indiana who sells software to crooks to spam you and even gives them a switch number of their own and telephone numbers to make to call to make you mad and is merged with T-Mobile. SHAME, SHAME,, SHAME ON BOTH T-Mobile and Omnipoint Communications.

11, Jan. 2019

"Inform you there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activities so when you get the message kindly back.............. I repeat call us back before we begin with the legal proceeding." LMAO, these people are ridiculous

11, Jan. 2019

this number has called me twice this morning I called back after the second call told them not to call me back but when I answer the phone they said "hello this is Mary with strapped for cash how are you today?" they have probably called me more than four times overall and I believe it to be a scam.

10, Jan. 2019

People got gifts to do phone hobbyist's for Christmas? Hopefully, there's a law that will stop this? The last 4 digits of the phone number I've seen before is what I'm saying.

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