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9, Oct. 2019

This company called wanting to assist me with my back IRS tax debt.

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23, May. 2019

After his pitch, I asked him what the name of the company was again, and then I asked for his telephone number, at which point, he hung up.

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21, Nov. 2018

I've been receiving telephone calls from Citi Bank. I believe the company is a debt collector. Do nto understand why they're calling my number.

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6, Mar. 2018

When I ask them to stop they hang up on me.

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19, Dec. 2017

Please do something about.

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19, Dec. 2017

this is lisa williams from senior care. pause. Hello?" hang up"

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2, Mar. 2016

When they call, I register them as X in my contact list so if they call back from the same number, I can hang up immediately.

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3, Nov. 2013

Known CL SCAMMER. Google the e-mail address: Typical CL SCAM -- Text only! Google Voice Masquerade Forwarding Number that goes directly to voice mail. G-mail account. Hello, Are you still looking job.? you can leave your text for more details at (512) 222-3925 ....... Stephen.

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16, Jun. 2013

This is the fifth time they have called and the first time I have informed them they are in violation of the do not call act.

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12, Dec. 2012

They are annoying calling at various times during the day and night!