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6, Jul. 2019

I have no relationship with them and am on the do not call list.

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29, Apr. 2018

i've recieved same recorded message from numerous other numbers.

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6, Mar. 2018

Robo call Have called 4 times today.

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22, Mar. 2017

it was a taped call to have my credit card rates reduced sending you to a representative if you pressed 1.

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24, Jul. 2016

Also from 8003412439 8003341345 And others

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1, Jul. 2016

You can't tell them to stop because it is a recording.

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8, Nov. 2015

I was not feeling well.

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4, Nov. 2015

I have requested twice to these people to stop calling.

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6, Oct. 2015

i got a second call from the same company this afternoon, after I had already filed 2 complaints with you.

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21, Jul. 2015

This was a call to my cell phone (which is supposed to be off limits to such calls) offering a free cruise in return for answering a survey.

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17, Mar. 2015

Scammer running the PayPal Craig's List scam. Today he/she contacted me using the name Joy Moraga texting from 412-502-5329 then telling me to contact her at 848-565-2117 to leave a message. Apparently he/she is still trapped in Cheyenne Mountain after years of running this PayPal Craigslist scam. She is also using the name Joy Fruth, using the numbers 347-345-2280, 419-776-4552, 419-718-1961, 567-331-4466, 678-263-8458, 912-235-0806, 949-945-6855, 561-331-0384, 772-266-3082 and 848-218-5697. The additional info based on Google searches of the 2 original numbers.

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13, Jul. 2014

This is the 8th call from this ANNOYING, OBNOXIOUS, INFURIATING company in the last 2 weeks. I don't understand why you can't stop this trash?????

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18, Mar. 2014

This number calls me just about every evening for the past two months.

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7, Feb. 2014

You can't tell them to stop calling when it is automated. After the message, you get clicks and then disconnected. The stress from these calls has driven me to the brink of suicide to stop them.