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22, Apr. 2016

I refused and again requested to be removed from the calling.

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10, Nov. 2015

We have had many calls from this number. I have told them twice to remove our number from their call list. They called today at aprox 1400 hrs. He asked for me by my first name. When my wife told him I was out and could she take a message. He hung up. I tried to call this number and got a recording "Number not in service"

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29, Oct. 2015

Told me the US Treasury has a pending action against me. Caller has a strong accent (calling from another country?), and spoke slowly as to control his accent.

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3, May. 2015

This company calls 3 or more times almost every day.

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12, Jan. 2015

Recording says it is a survey company

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18, Dec. 2014

I got home and found three voicemails from this guy saying the same things as others above. Do they really think people will fall for this???

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16, Dec. 2014

If he calls again I'd be surprised. Since he wants to call and leave threatening messages I'll have everyone I can get to do so to call him. His phone is so busy that now I can't even get through. In his own words "I'm not having a good day because motherfuckers like you keep calling my phone!" Payback/Karma's a bitch ain't it!!!

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5, Dec. 2014

they want to sell a home sucerity system

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26, Nov. 2014

Did not answer, they did not leave a message.

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26, Nov. 2014

Company wanted to provide insurance quotes and requested my home address. I did not provide any information and told them I was not interested.

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20, Nov. 2014

Addendum to the third comment above (also mine). They say they've been trying to contact you. Also, they identify themselves not as the Internal Revenue Service but Internal Revenue ServiceS.

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19, Nov. 2014

It's a Scam

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29, Oct. 2014

I did too and this is more like trying to make you feel bad but would it really happen? I mean feel good because there's nothing to happen when you get some type of message like this and you are innocent. This caller is just to make you feel bad so I wouldn't bother and delete the number and plus as well maybe block it. This doesn't concern me so let them call you or me.