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15, May. 2019

i did not call them.

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15, May. 2019

Calling number is not is service spoofed number.

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12, Nov. 2014

This has gone on for months and they will not stop, even though we asked quietly and angrily.

MN Resident
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3, Oct. 2014

I'm in Minnesota, rec'd a recorded call from male w/ foreign accent stating he was from the IRS and a lawsuit has been filed against us and that we should return his call immediately. Same "good luck" message if I don't return his call. I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals office on line. It is very quick and easy to do so please do the same thing so they can investigate and stop this fradulent activity before he gets any money from vulnerable folks.

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30, Sep. 2014

Dean Jones, essentially says "This call is for you. I am calling about the IRS - the Internal Revenue Service. I am calling about the lawsuit filed against you by the IRS. It is important the MINUTE you receive this call you call me back.If you do not call me back..." It ends with something to the efffect, "if you don't call me back, I wish you well in this terrible fight/endeavour," ... or some such. I'm calling the IRS.

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15, May. 2014

They've been calling all week and when they do the ohone rings once and hangs up. So I've called it back and it jusst rings. Its very annoying. Wish I had that android phone that detects spam calling and doesn't allow those phone calls to go thru....

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24, Jul. 2012

There was no response when i picked up the phone..i turned on the speaker and laid the phone down. Whoever it was hung up.

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28, Jun. 2012

these people call three times a day and will not stop!