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1, Apr. 2020

all from different numbers but the same message

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4, Mar. 2020

Please have them stop calling with these messages.

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2, Mar. 2020

Please contact me at my home at (b)(6) and tell me why this number which I have reported multiple times has not been instructed to stop calling my home.

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2, Mar. 2020

I have never done business with this company nor had I ever heard of it until they started this harassment.

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25, Feb. 2020

PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP - Vacation & timeshares

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21, Feb. 2020

I CAN NOT tell them to stop calling me because this call is in Spanish.

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20, Feb. 2020

Caller id from Seattle WA. "last chance offer to take adv of stimulus and cc debt

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20, Feb. 2020

This is a scam number according to what I saw online.

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12, Feb. 2020

Called 3 times with no message. Since I do not answer calls from people I don't know, I have no clue who it's from.

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31, Jan. 2020

Again, a call for my son.

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9, Jan. 2020

This call came in at 11:50 AM 12/02/2013 It was the first of TWO (2) UNWANTED CALLS FROM THE SAME NUMBER within nine (9) minutes!

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23, Nov. 2019

All hours, multiple times per day.

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31, Oct. 2019

We do not know what to do but this is bad they keep insisting that we owe the telephone company money and I keep telling them that they are scam artist.

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11, Oct. 2019

Thank you for addressing this matter.

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10, Oct. 2019

We have pressed 1 many times and told the representative to remove us from the calling list.

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8, Oct. 2019

Calling in the middle of the night.

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16, Sep. 2019

I have been on the DNC registry since 2012.

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26, Mar. 2013

sent me a link to a virus

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11, Jan. 2013

They call daily, when I answer there is silence.