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5, Nov. 2018

I have received several calls on my mobile and every occasion I inquire from the people who telephone why they are calling they say that tyhe are giving dalls to inquire about some details and the telephone calls are fgom one of the largest firms in The country. Today the telephone call was from a man with a foreign accent and the voice was not clear at all. The last Instance they called I thought of being cleverer than them and told them that I am going to report the callers to the authorities for disturbing me as I had been called at least for more than 7 instances within a fortnight. Looks like they wsre bought in with my prank? Maybe I was smarter than them?

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1, Aug. 2018

When I ask them to put me on their do not call list, I get hung up on.

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30, Mar. 2018

Constantly call

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7, Dec. 2015

i cant find who to call to stop them.

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18, Nov. 2015

Regarding credit card offer.

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22, Jun. 2013

What good does being on the do not call list when it doesn't seem to stop the calls? What good is "Do Not Call" if the calls keep coming in?

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4, Mar. 2012

This number came up on my caller ID and it was a prank. Would like to know who is pranking me.