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11, Apr. 2018

Received suspicious text from this number

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1, May. 2017

Left no message. Consider this to be a spam call.

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31, Mar. 2016

bonny n collide
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19, Sep. 2015

unsolicited x rated photo texting

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27, May. 2015

Asking if I would like to purchase cows/

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8, Feb. 2014

The recording stated that, "You have an urgent call from.... if you would like to accept this call the charges are such and such amount per minute, and if you would like to accept please enter in your credit card now or if you choose not to accept the charges then please hang up ". However, I didn't understand who the call was from nor how they got my phone number.

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21, Aug. 2013

Check your e-maail and reply me

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25, Feb. 2013

Man calls my number on a regular basis, pretending he's a landowner/ farmer, today he went on and on about shooting rabbits, asking me if I want to shoot some with him ect. Knows I am not "Steve" as my voicemail would clearly note I am female. Intention to harass/irritate...Maybe he's calling others in this manner.

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14, Nov. 2012

What Did You Want???

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18, Mar. 2012

I actually received an e-mail from this person stating that they had had a knife pulled on them and included a picture of an injured finger. E-mail came from the phone number which google says is from Dubuque, Iowa.

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12, Mar. 2012

needs to stop sexting my bf.. if its a wrong number issue FIO MF and stop miss dialing his number when you want someone to F***

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29, Jan. 2012

It's always surprising to see how these people operate. First they want all kinds of private data from you and in exchange they will tell you what they want... kid of ridiculous if you ask me

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16, Jan. 2012

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24, Dec. 2011

wow, sounds like a demented pervert.. tell them you'll report the number to the cops if they don't stop this harassment