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30, May. 2018

Y,202,7548307,Scam per internet.

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26, Oct. 2017

This number has been calling me for weeks now & I am just getting around to filing a complaint.

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25, Oct. 2017

I don't wish to receive these calls

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17, May. 2016

I DON'T BLAME HIM THOUGH CUZ perhaps his number was also being used to make it look like it came from him but It may not have. Can't trust nothing anymore. I know and have documented these bizzare phone issues. Also, how does one get text messages on a land line.? I got a few of those too.

Edward J. Corbett
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30, Jun. 2015

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30, Aug. 2014

This person likes to text you and provoke you but won't identify themselves. It's pretty childish.

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11, Apr. 2014

Called in the evening, didn't leave a message.

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2, Apr. 2014

Calls me all the time and when I answer they either hangup or I don't answer the phone and let it go to voice mail they won't leave a message.

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13, Feb. 2014

Jest got this phone

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2, Jan. 2014

This dude is awesome!

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26, Aug. 2013

This is NOT an escort/Prostitute-and this person has been tortured enough!!!

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21, Jan. 2013

they called about some form I supposedly filled out about furthering my education and I asked them to stop calling and they haven.!

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31, Dec. 2012

They call everday. I spoke with a person and asked them to remove my number. Then they hung up on me and I'm still getting phone calls from them.

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8, May. 2012

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15, Apr. 2012

Calls around 3:45 am every night and leaves no message. When you call the number back in the morning it has an obscene message.