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3, Nov. 2018

Who's number is this? I recieved rude and nasty texts from this number

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9, Jul. 2018

This is a legitimate persons number because I called her and asked if she had phoned me this morning. She said she hadn't made any calls today and that someone is likely spoofing her number because we are both in the 563-449 list of numbers.and she gets a lot of robo calls in the same 563-449 number range: https://www.npr.org/2017/07/31/540515367/familiar-looking-numbers-are-the-latest-twist-in-robocalls

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13, Feb. 2018

Some Hindu sounding creep said I was approved for a loan for which I never applied.

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24, Feb. 2016

This dude is a psycho path do not date him ladies he will stalk and harass you

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18, Nov. 2014

I have received 15 calls from this number of the past several months. They keep calling asking for a person called Martha. I have informed them every time that I do not no anyone named Martha, and that I have had my current phone number for at least 5 years.

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8, Mar. 2013

Calls about every week. Leaves 2 numbers to call back and says my time is appreciated. I don\'t owe any bills. Don\'t want to buy anything. definitely a scam of some sort.

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19, Jan. 2013

this individual sent me a picture message and I do not know this # or the person it belongs to. I've asked them to stop but they will not abide by my request. If there is anything that can be done, please do so. I would really appreciate it.

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28, Jun. 2012

They are talking about having a important documents with my name on them. They have called numerous times with same story.

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5, Jun. 2012

im sitting right next to her

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21, May. 2012

Hi Yvonne