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15, Mar. 2019

I get so many harassing calls lately despite the fact we have an unlisted number!

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8, Feb. 2019

getting several calls a day from this number. may only ring 2=3 times..

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21, Nov. 2017

Vulgar messages

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17, Nov. 2017

They called 3 times no message it needs to stop

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28, Aug. 2017

Busy when i called nack

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3, Aug. 2017

Will not stop calling. Border. On harassment's

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28, Jun. 2017

how do i delete this?

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14, Feb. 2017

This number has called me numerous times a day for many days. Never leaves a message. I don't take junk calls so they leave a message... Maybe I will answer next time

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7, Dec. 2016

Call everyday

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28, Jun. 2016

Caller said they were with Skilled Trade Services

Leonard Durham
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21, Nov. 2015

Scam for castings calls.cr

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24, Sep. 2015

This company calls me multiple times a day pretending to be my credit card company.

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26, Jun. 2015

Recd call on 6-25-15 from 563-424-7562 @ 9:26 AM with no ID ("____) on trace. Computer Robo or sales telemarketin call to consumr listed on state and federal DO NOT CALL lists. No ID, NO # to call to get deleted, computer recording and a hang up! Several federal staute violations places caller within the RICO Act and other organized crime statutes, plus it is harassment and invasioon of privacy. Do not Answer, report ASAP, send complaint and bill to carrier.

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7, May. 2015

I went online to check into home owner's insurance. I finally answered the FOURTH CALL IN 5 MINUTES and that is what it was in regards to. Number now added to reject list.

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27, Apr. 2015

These companies have the ability to, and the obligation to identify people on the do not call registry.

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31, Mar. 2015

Vehicle Protection Plus A car warranty telemarketer. Calls started 3 days ago. Average at least one call a day, and never leave a message

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3, Mar. 2015

Harassing sales call trying to get us to renew when we don't want to.

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20, Jan. 2015

Bieniek Tree Service Davenport, IA, 52802 (563) 424-3676 By maintaining a small staff, where the owner is an active part of the crew, we are able to provide clear and precise work, from the beginning estimate, all the way through the final cleanup. Tree Service, Tree Removal Services, Stump Removal Service, Tree Care, Tree Contractor http://bieniektreeservices.com

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8, Jan. 2015

sales call bugging real estate agents

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8, Jan. 2015

I got this call today, it was from Sirius Music wanting me to update payment info

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6, Jan. 2015

numerous calls from this number, never anybody there, also from 7690

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22, Dec. 2014

I have been called twice today by this number. Multiple times previously. The second call today I actually had a live voice. I think the call is originating from India or somewhere similar, no matter what the area code states. They asked for my oldest son's name. I told them no one lives here by that name. I can only hope that is the end of it.

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16, Dec. 2014

Yes, this number called me.

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19, Aug. 2014

Craig and his wife Christine are selling ad space on banners for local businesses. Seemed like nice enough folks, and were selling something that would benefit our small business.

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12, Jun. 2014

Calls multiple times a day. No response then hangs up. When you call it back it says its disconnected.

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12, Jun. 2014

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3, Jun. 2014

We have received several call from verious collection companies looking for the same person. Can you do something about this or are you one of the goverment agancies we should cut to help the budget?

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29, May. 2014

This company has called me several times and literally hung up in my face. As if I was the Bill collector calling them. They are rude and unprofessional And I will find out there name and report it to any businesses that sanctions

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23, May. 2014

i don't know who the caller is

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16, May. 2014


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1, May. 2014

bad connection, calls everyday at same time, extended warranty telemarketer, said he was in California. Received a call from a woman from the same number. I said hello, she said hello, then hung up on me before I could ask to be removed from their list. How do we stop receiving these calls?

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5, Apr. 2014

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1, Apr. 2014

They call me and hang up on me when I answered the phone saying,"hello"

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5, Mar. 2014

Do not call

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19, Feb. 2014

I, like the rest of you, receive these calls all the time. Our government is WORTHLESS when it comes to blocking these calls. The only other course of action is this: Do NOT, under any circumstances, answer a caller you do not recognize. When you do all you are doing is confirming for them that they have reached a viable, working number and then they WILL call you back AND sell your number to other scam artists so they can call you too. If they continue to call then first, check with your phone service and see if they have a call blocker service (mine does). If I continue to receive calls from a certain number then it goes onto my "Blocked" list. Also, just pressing 1 or any number they say to remove you from their list is also a scam. It doesn't work either. Also, I turn off my answering machine when I am home. If it answer then once again it only confirms the fact that they have indeed reached a "Working" number. Have a pleasant day. Sure am glad too for websites like this.

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7, Feb. 2014

This number also called my cell...three times in the past couple of days. I did not answer, and no voicemail was left.

Pissed of athest
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25, Dec. 2013

This # texted me 6 messages about the ten commandment at 9:42 Christmas morning. Ive read the bible front 2 back. Let me tell u something whoever this # belongs 2 - A - fuck u cuz what u said is not how the wrath of God works! B - there is a special place in hell 4 the assholes who wake me up! C - the owner of 563-424-8685 can go fuck themself with a candy cane!

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12, Dec. 2013

No idea who this number is. Message just states: Need your address so i can send a card.

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2, Oct. 2013

I just want to know who's calling me.

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25, Sep. 2013

Ask for my husband every time. Once told me that he was in their store looking for an item and they had it now. They did mention the store name. Knew he had not been there since we don't even have that store in town. Another time they said that they needed to verify my address. I ask them questions each time and they finally hang up on me. Have called at least a half dozen times all hours. Latest one was at night. Others have been in day time.

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29, Aug. 2013

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23, Jul. 2013

Telemarketers for collection agency called Pacific...these people are harassing n threaten that they kno where u live n will see u soon. Creepy...they say u have criminal charges filed on u. They are NOT the authority! It's a scam way for a collection agency scare u so they can get money. I paid my collection off in January n im getting 10 calls a day, even after telling them do not call again n put my number on do not call list.

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3, May. 2013

Reported this number. Came up as Pure Air Techno on caller ID

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1, Apr. 2013

this number is for a scam. they ask for "Lucy Smith" when they call, when you tell them they have the wrong number, they then try to con you into something. Not sure why they have a Davenport number. I have been getting calls for "Lucy" on my cell phone for 2 weeks now - each time a different phone number.

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18, Mar. 2013

We have received several calls from this number daily for the past few weeks. No one responds when we pick up - just silence. VERY ignorant of the caller. VERY annoying to be on the receiving end.

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14, Dec. 2012

These are soliciting calls. Annoying messages.

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1, Mar. 2012

There was a woman that called that called herself Dominic with some sort of survey program. I was supposed to have won a $100 gift card, but as the discussion went on, I was to receive 3 "free" magazines and then was asked to pick one additional magazine, which I did. That is when I was told that I would have to pay about $3.50 per week ($14 a month) and then I would be eligiable for the $100 gift card. On the Caller ID, the name Starnet showed up. My complaint is that if I am to win the $100, why not just send it to me? I did fill out an online survey to receive free samples but that was ridiculous to call someone up letting on like you got some sort of gift card and then have to pay for a magazine that I can actually do without. I politely told them I could not afford to pay anything for any magazine that things were pretty tight around here. I hope that they don't send anything under those conditions.