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16, Jan. 2019

Harassing telemarketing co.

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2, Jul. 2015

I received a call from this number that I did not recognize while I was in a meeting. It was from Muscatine, IA (?). I sent the call to voicemail and continued with my meeting. I received a notification that I thought was a voicemail, but when I checked my phone it was a text message from that same number. The text said it was from "Me" and the message was the number. As I was typing a response of "Who is this?" I noticed that my phone said "Me" was typing. I deleted the response and deleted the text. Very strange and fishy to say the least. "Me" does not appear in my contacts list, so I'm not sure how my phone registered it with caller ID or why mY phone though i was textinguisher myself.

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10, Jun. 2014

Yet another call from the same company- just from yet another number.

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24, Apr. 2014

This is the second unsolicited call from a company. The first call was to my cell phone.

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1, Oct. 2013

Keeps calling

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22, Sep. 2013

Calls every night at 11:00pm

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21, Jan. 2013

Someone at this number is using VOIP to access other people's cell numbers and use their minutes to make calls.

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19, Oct. 2012

The mother fucker calls at 2.11 a.m. and left no message. Not funny at all.

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3, Oct. 2012

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4, Jan. 2012

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