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5, Apr. 2019

I keep reporting it.

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5, Mar. 2019

called my cell # - said they were from google - hung up when questioned

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1, Dec. 2017

Another scam- will they never end?

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14, Jul. 2017

Keeps calling !

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25, Mar. 2017

i have asked this person at from this number to stop calling repeatedly and i'm getting cursed at by a pakastani

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9, Oct. 2014

I've asked them numerous times to stop calling. Now they call everyday and sometimes twice a day.

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21, Dec. 2013

Well look here. I just got another call from the same company with a different number. This is the second call today. I have reported and complained about them on several different occasions. Still no help. Who do I report it to again?

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2, Jul. 2013

Unable to reply to recording and phone number is busy when I try to call back.

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19, Jun. 2013

This was a call I did not ask for. Sounds like a part of the scam going around. Please do something about this. Thanks.

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18, May. 2013

They call all the time leaving messages telling this is my final notice.

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27, Jun. 2012

they call and then hang up - several times a week.

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3, May. 2012

Don't want spam calls!