Area Code 561

Additional information:

Area code: 561
State: Florida
Country: USA
15, Feb. 2019

This was sent to .y messenger box. I have educated the person that sent it to me..

14, Feb. 2019

calls numerous times a day and never leaves a message

12, Feb. 2019

Called at 6:30pm. Left no message but static

5, Feb. 2019

Called asking for my significant other saying they are with Phoenix financial services then hung up. Blocked!

4, Feb. 2019

left a robo vm asking if i want construction done. They've been using many different alt phones# to call in the past.

2, Feb. 2019

Texted me sayomg i won a 500 dollar walmart gift card

26, Jan. 2019

same problem i have called the police and made a report

18, Jan. 2019

This number calls my business numerous times daily. It's either a foreign person yelling about how they can't hear anything or it's a recording of various commercials.

9, Jan. 2019

He left a message on my phone that his name was Mark and he wanted to talk about buying a house in Anchorage. I didn't return the call because I never do if they don't give a full name.

Mark Vincent
2, Jan. 2019

This is not mark Vincent number. I did have this for about a week four years ago now. Just want to make that clear. That’s all.

Mark Vincent
2, Jan. 2019

This is not a current number from me. I had this land line about 15 years ago now. But it seems like it’s a cell phone number now. And I’m sorry if it caused any problems. But I have no knowledge of anyone that is using it or used it. Maybe isn’t bad. Anyway that’s what it is.

Mark Vincent
2, Jan. 2019

Again this is not my number. If they call or you get a text saying that they are me they are not me. Think maybe was part of confusion at one point and caused some issues. I’ve never had this number. My parents have a Similar land line in a different state and area code. So not Mark Vincent. Yes I know Vin Diesel has same name as me I’m not him. Just being real.

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