Area Code 559

Additional information:

Area code: 559
State: California
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

Calling for police donations

19, Nov. 2018

Recorded message asked me to press a button to get more information.

17, Nov. 2018

I get 3-4 calls a day from this number. No messages. When I do answer they hang up immediately.

14, Nov. 2018

This number starts phoning at 7 am and calls 10 times per day. It's making me crazy. I reported this number but nobody appears to care.

14, Nov. 2018

Stupid recording! These people call after 8: 00 pm. I pressed the number to remove my phone number from their call list, and it's driving me nuts. What is wrong with this guys?

14, Nov. 2018

You can Google spy dialer USA put the telephone number in hit search It will show callers name or sometimes it may say unavailable.They call everyday even when you block them.Hope this helps.

11, Nov. 2018

I think that this number is from Career Services.

8, Nov. 2018

While I was at church, I received a telephone call. When I picked up the phone the girl asked, what is the address of your house? I wasn't sure what to say. She said like, I am wanting to talk to this person with this social security number. I was surprised that she would give out a person's secret information She had no idea the name of the person she was speaking to. I wanted to understand why she was contacting me but she just said to answer her questions and then she'd tell me who she is. I could not talk her into revealing why she was calling. I finally hung up on her. Extremely awful people.

7, Nov. 2018

Have received four calls from this number today. No one answers when I say, "Hello." Blocking.

6, Nov. 2018

My girlfriend is upset that she is not able to explain the situation to her uncle why she looks unhappy. It is those concenring mobile calls she is receiving daily. She wants to take some action. She is not sure what she should do.

5, Nov. 2018

We got a phone call the other night about ten. The caller was trying to offload a stupid piece of shit. We're a part of the do-not-call list, so the telemarketing call das illegal. I am gonna call a lawyer regarding bringing a lawsuit against the caller.

17, Oct. 2018

Could you please require these idiots to have caller ID on ALL 800 numbers - no hidden caller tricks

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