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7, Dec. 2018

Calling everyday, finally spoke with a person. Total scam, something regarding Medicare and send money before cancelled (I don't have). Informed caller please call a better number gave this number 415-436-7200. Please call this number so I can send the needed money. I'm sure they were surprised when they called!

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30, Nov. 2018

It is from a different phone number every time so I cannot just block it.

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10, Apr. 2018

Same operation no doubt.

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6, Feb. 2018

I got a recorded message saying the number was not in service.

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30, Mar. 2017

Receiving these calls, among others, daily!

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12, Jul. 2014

This person calls several times a day. When I answer the phone it is an open line, no one speaks and there is no recorded message.