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10, Jul. 2018

I called this number back after letting it go to voicemail. The caller claims to be AOL and says that there's a problem with your email account. Before I called them I did a Google search of the # and turned up not only a bunch of scam alerts, but the name of the owner of the phone #. When I told the guy on the phone the info I had he promptly hung up. AVOID!

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1, Jun. 2018

Y,312,2196125,1st complaint

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28, Oct. 2017

I informed them I was on the do-no-call list and not to call back - Subject matter of the call: Roofing

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2, May. 2016

To everyone who are reading these comments, if you get a call from them ask them, how do you scammers sleep at night.

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30, Mar. 2016

OMG ...they call everyday! I picked up once and the message said something about a returned item and the bank and I both agree there hasn't been one! I autoreject the call but think it's still annoying to see they haven't stopped!