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7, May. 2018

My ph# is b(6) should be in your Do Not Call list.

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12, Oct. 2017

they have called using different numbers for many months.

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4, Jun. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked up the number and I think its the bill collectors called Southwest Credit Systems. No clue why they're bugging me. Can someone tell me that it's really them?

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28, Jun. 2016

These people call AT LEAST twice a week, sometimes every day. We have asked them to take our name off their list. Yesterday they called again while I was napping. I was upset and told them off. The woman said Oh I'm sorry. I said No you're not. Everytime you call I tell you to take me off your list. Apparently you aren't doing that. You don't help me and I think you're all a bunch of a$$hole$. (I told you I was mad, I don't usually swear.) Then last night I was reading about 4 cancer "research" organizations that were scams that are being investigated. I think there was a breast cancer society on that list. I know charities are supposed to be allowed to call, but why? If I want to donate to a cause I will LOOK THEM UP, they don't need to call me - ever. Thank you.

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25, May. 2016

called mon and again today no message

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23, Oct. 2013

This number called several times today and each time it is a garbled recording. Does not leave message if not answered.

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11, Apr. 2013

These calls come almost every other day at the same time. The caller asks for Bridgett and tells me not to hang up, which I do. Frequently the call number is blocked, but today I got it!

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28, Mar. 2013

This number proceeds to call me everyday. At first it was in the morning and now they call in the afternoon, too.

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26, Mar. 2013

I cannot call them back..dealine. today at 4:31pm. Please stop these annoying calls.

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28, Nov. 2012

These people call me several times a day. I know it's a scam. Please make them stop. It seems many more people have received calls from this guy.

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27, Nov. 2012

These people call me and I do not owe anyone. I think that they be lock up and throw away the key!

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23, May. 2012

Keep calling even though I've told them to stop.