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6, Nov. 2018

My girlfriend is upset that she is not able to explain the situation to her uncle why she looks unhappy. It is those concenring mobile calls she is receiving daily. She wants to take some action. She is not sure what she should do.

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27, Sep. 2016

This is another call from this numberwe have never done any business with them

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29, Jul. 2016

My phone is ringing off the hook with solicitation calls.

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12, May. 2016

I have then been hung up on, informed that they do not have a do not call list, and told that I will continue to be called.

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29, Apr. 2016

This man's ID has been stolen by scammers. I tried to follow 'back-history' on phone number, but lost trace in mid Africa --Nigeria if I remember. Feel bad for his "luck"

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18, Apr. 2016

Caller ID shows number calling.