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  • Regional statistics: Fresno, California has a population of 465183 that is in a county of 252940 units. The city is in a county that is 5963 square miles. 559-473 is available through the regional telephone switch # FRSNCA01X9X in the Fresno area.
  • Other cities located around Fresno: Visalia (559-471) Hanford (559-469) Madera (559-474) Reedley (559-480)
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15, Nov. 2017

They couldn't answer.

Alicia Armstrong
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30, Mar. 2017

Same here. I'm sick of these callers. I tried to call back the number, but the robot said that the number's unavailable. They just keep calling every hour! When I answered them, they just hung up! AArrrgggh! What should we do to make them stop??

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28, Mar. 2017

I told them my own daughter had breast cancer and I was helping her!

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12, Jan. 2017

How to stop this kind of robocall anyway? they keep calling and always change into many different numbers after I blocked their previous numbers...

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12, Dec. 2016

Thanks for your comment Quick Brown Fox, seems I agree with you. I don't like this robocall. somebody should take action to stop them keep operating.

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7, Dec. 2016

I have no clue how they got my phone number. I asked them to remove my number from their call list. I hope they won't call me anymore.

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12, Jul. 2016

You could really call this a success story if you were ever able to stop Receivables Performance from annoying so many customers.

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3, Jul. 2016

this fucken asshole calls, and when I answered repeatedly, I can hear this shit head on the other end. didn't say anything. What the hell! why bother calling when this fucken idiot doesn't say anything. I just hope that someone would go over there and beat the shit out of this fucken asshole for making crank calls. Better yet, someone should just go over there and shoot this fucken idiot dead.

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1, Jul. 2016

We regularly get calls; sometimes they answer, sometimes not. They never leave msg on ans. mach.

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8, Apr. 2016

then the person told me that i had to pay $30.00 to take me off the list, then after arguing with the person I hung up and he Called Back!

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7, Apr. 2016

Consumer tried to get a hold of a person to tell them she did not order this.

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6, Apr. 2016

Just this afternoon, they called 9 (nine) times so far.

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30, Mar. 2016

I requested no such call back.

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12, Mar. 2016

Both calls were made to my cell phone, which is completely illegal.

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11, Mar. 2016

been calling all the time.I never answer...............Government should stop this yesterday....I am on the do not call list

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10, Mar. 2016

When answered they never say anything just hang up.

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5, Feb. 2016

A search online shows this company uses their fax number (302) 655 5049 in caller ID field instead of their 800 677 3394 listed number.

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4, Feb. 2016

I have received 2 or 3 calls in one day and several in a week.

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3, Feb. 2016

They don't say so, but they start the conversation by asking I have received the letter from PP&L and then requesting that I fetch my bill.

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3, Feb. 2016

I do not speak Spanish and I keep recieving recorded messages in Spanish.

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9, Dec. 2015

they continue to call about once per month!

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13, Oct. 2015

Call back number they give you is 888 949 5195.

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8, May. 2014

I am a woman and have my own phone (cell phone) and no one associated with my number has ordered Viagra. This is my personal number and there is no man who uses it, so I do know for a fact that none was ordered. But I still get alot of calls from them in the last couple weeks. I do not think that they call based on if you ordered it because I did not and they call me, so it's probably just a coincidence that you did order it. However because alot of people do order it online I believe that it's an easy ploy for these scammers to cold call and have a good chance of being taken seriously. When asked to be removed from the call list they hung up on me and still call.

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30, Dec. 2013

this company uses several phone numbers! They call at least once a week. it is very annoying on my cell phone.

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18, Dec. 2012

they call everyday, several times a day, we have asked them each time to take our name off the list, one called my husband an a--Hole because he said he was tired of the calls and to quit calling.

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4, Sep. 2012