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21, Sep. 2018

Became very upset when I wanted more info as I told her I wish to file a complaint with the proper authorities, including the police for harassing phone calls.

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30, Mar. 2018

They are running a scam trying get credit card #s from people.

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13, May. 2017

This robo-call was from an unidentified credit card company telling me I can lower my interest rate.

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10, Dec. 2015

They called back within 2 hours of being asked not to call.

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15, Sep. 2013

This is the 4th time they call in the last 4 weeks. When I dial back, it says the number you have reached is not in service.

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17, Aug. 2013

Our number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since the Registry started.

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12, Jul. 2013

Sounded like he was jaking off .... I answered and he sounded like he was poundin it making weird sound Beware of this perve

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18, Jun. 2013

They call me and there is no one on the other end and no recorded message. They are attempting to perform illegal activities.

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22, Mar. 2013

They call every night. I'm about ready to rip the phone from the wall.

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23, Jun. 2012

These calls happen DAILY. For months, I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling. I have never been their customer, and I never intend to be.